Top 5 Questions About U3 - The World's Longest Lasting Signage - Answered

U3, an engineering marvel born from material science.

Featuring marine-grade aluminium encased in a UV-blocking polymer resin, U3 boasts unparalleled strength and resilience against weather damage. Our innovative and patented printing technique guarantees your messages will endure the test of time, with a lifespan exceeding 40 years in harsh environments.

Here, we'll answer the top five questions about U3, showcasing its exceptional performance and setting new benchmarks in the signage industry.



What is U3?

U3, a result of advanced material science and engineering, incorporates marine-grade aluminium celebrated for its strength and resistance to corrosion. This robust aluminium core is sheathed in a distinct 2mm UV-blocking polymer resin, a protective layer that defends your safety messages against weather damage and prolongs visibility.

Coupled with our superior, patented printing technique, U3 guarantees your critical messages will stand the test of time.

Comprising of high-grade materials and innovative print technology, U3 offers unrivalled performance, reliability, and a lifespan exceeding 40 years in harsh environments.



Why does U3 fabrication take longer than conventional aluminium signage?

The slightly more time-intensive manufacturing of U3 signage is due to its distinctive construction process.

This includes the integration of UV-blocking polymer resin, anti-graffiti properties, fire-retardant features, and a thorough durability testing phase.

Extra steps such as coating, curing, and meticulous quality checks are key to assuring the unparalleled quality and durability of U3 signage.



What tests have U3 undergone?

To verify its superior performance and longevity, U3 signage is put through comprehensive testing.

Samples are exposed to accelerated testing procedures, inclusive of stringent weather testing at the reputable Allunga Exposure Laboratory, a global facility that verifies U3's resilience to the toughest environmental conditions.

This laboratory is one of only two worldwide that provides this extensive testing service.



How does U3 outperform traditional digitally printed aluminium signs?

U3 signage sets a new benchmark in the signage industry, outstripping traditional aluminium and Colourbond signs in numerous aspects.

Its impressive lifespan of 40+ years represents more than a 400% increase over traditional signage.

U3 also offers a lifetime guarantee, superb impact strength, fade-proof UV protection, and remarkable resistance to vandalism and graffiti. Unlike conventional aluminium and Colourbond signs, U3 maintains its integrity even in high heat conditions, showing no signs of peeling, warping, or corrosion.



What sets U3 apart from vitreous enamel?

U3 distinguishes itself from vitreous enamel signage in multiple ways.

Vitreous enamel signage is often more fragile, rigid, and costly. U3, on the other hand, brings durability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to the table. It is lighter, offers a more extensive colour range, shorter production times, and reduces environmental impact. 


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Top 5 Questions About U3 - The World's Longest Lasting Signage - Answered