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Identimark, a company with over 25 years of experience in safety and operational signage, tagging and asset labelling, provides products that keep gas pipelines and stations safe for staff, contractors and the public.

Our products are designed for resilience, safety, ease and value. Identimark's high-quality products are zero maintenance and meet safety compliance requirements both locally and internationally.

We offer a range of solutions for transmission and distribution pipelines, ensuring that no project or site is too small or too great when it comes to saving lives. 

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Saving Lives Around Gas Pipelines and Stations

Gas pipelines and stations are kept safe for staff, contractors and the public when using Identimark products.

Resilience – our signs and labels are designed to stand the test of time in order to effectively save lives, even in the harshest conditions

Safety – we know the gas industry, so our products meet all safety compliance requirements both locally and internationally

Ease – we work closely with you throughout the design process so that your customer experience is efficient and accurate

Value – our high-quality products are zero maintenance, providing you with the best long-term value

Whether your transmission pipeline needs a 360° viewable sign, or you need a kerb marker for your distribution pipeline; Identimark has the expertise to provide your company with the ultimate life-long solution to ensure you meet regulatory and legal requirements. Our products keep you, your team, your contractors and the public safe around all gas pipelines and stations.

Nothing But Quality

Our Featured Products

Long-lasting signs lead to long-lasting relationships. Identimark has created safety success for clients in the gas industry across Australia and New Zealand. Check out our recent projects to see how we have helped our clients to create safe environments.


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