Permit and Hazard ID Boards

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Permit and Hazard boards keep people safe at Transmission sites

Each Transmissions site needs a Hazard board in place to warn all those on site of the dangers and hazards. This is extremely important especially when some hazards can be life threatening – we can’t ignore it, fatal accidents have happened before.

Identimark are concerned for the safety of all, and these Hazard boards must be easily identified and easy to use especially the Temporary Hazards that change over time.

Customised to every site, easy to see and manage

Identimark have come up with a range of different options so there is always one that best suits the clients site and situation.
Temporary Hazard boards are made with a Whiteboard laminate finish for ease of changing out the hazards as you need to.
Using Tefalite graphics means the print on these boards have an outdoor life of over 8yrs, a to not have to replace these in between these times. We also have the option of lock boxes to be added, a great ease over having the lock box separate and keeps it all together.
Easy to install is another thing that has been taken into consideration, we also have created a portable one on wheels that has proved a popular option on larger sites.

How we helped

• Recommendations are site specific, depending on the needs required as to what Hazard Board we suggest
• The range of designs and attachment methods give a great range of flexibility on where these can be situated at your site
• Made from lasting materials and inks means less replacement, saving time and your company’s money
• The whiteboard finish, provide an easy way of changing out the Hazards.

Products used in this project

Unisign is a range of signage and accessories that covers anything from Anti-graffiti wipes to posts and brackets.


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