Intersolar Europe 2023: Setting New Records for the Solar Industry

Intersolar Europe, recognised as the world's leading exhibition for the solar industry, concluded its successful run after three days of remarkable exhibits, insightful conferences, and engaging forums. The event, held in Munich from June 14th to 16th 2023, served as Europe's largest platform for the energy industry, attracting professionals, innovators, and enthusiasts from around the globe. The event attracted a staggering number of visitors, with over 106,000 attendees from 166 countries.

Intersolar Exhibition Hall

With an impressive display of products and solutions across a vast expanse of 180,000 square meters in 17 exhibition halls and an outdoor area, the event undeniably achieved record-breaking success.

Identimark's CEO, Charlie Beatson, attended Intersolar Europe 2023 from June 14th to 16th, 2023. This reflects Identimark's commitment to staying on top of the latest developments and fostering valuable connections within the solar industry.

Charlie Beatson at Intersolar


Charlie returned with a wealth of insightful takeaways:

Notable Trends

The presence of over 200 module manufacturers allowed attendees to witness the rapid advancements in solar technology over the past three years. The speed at which the industry has progressed is truly remarkable.

A significant highlight was the identification of the largest panel spotted, boasting an impressive output of 730.55 watts. This stands in stark contrast to the 300-watt range observed back in 2017 when Identimark initially entered the industry.

Panel efficiency also stood out as a notable trend, with the most efficient module achieving an impressive 24% efficiency rating. This breakthrough signifies the industry's continuous pursuit of higher energy conversion rates.


New Ideas: Panels

Façade panels garnered attention with their availability in various colours, shapes, and sizes. The interest generated by these innovations raises the question of whether similar developments will be seen in Australia.

The concept of balcony and fence solar panels, designed to be bi-facial and maximize energy generation from all available assets, sparked considerable interest. These versatile solutions hold promise for enhancing solar energy utilization in residential and commercial settings.

_Intersolar Exhibitor

The introduction of flexible solar panels specifically contoured to match the shape of tiles for rooftops showcased the industry's drive to integrate solar seamlessly into existing infrastructure.

_Intersolar Exhibitor1


New Ideas: Trackers

The event featured over 20 tracker manufacturers, many of whom were not previously seen in New Zealand and Australia. The display of advanced tracking technologies addressed the need for increased efficiency and reduced installation time in this space.

Notably, a significant focus on Agri-voltaics emerged, highlighting the potential for solar energy integration in the agricultural industry. Agri-voltaics offer optimized energy generation while simultaneously facilitating crop growth, thereby providing innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture.

_Intersolar Exhibitor2


New Ideas: EV Charging

The event witnessed the participation of more than 200 manufacturers specializing in EV charging solutions, catering to both fast chargers and in-home charging systems.

_Intersolar Exhibitor3

The sheer number of exhibitors emphasized the growing importance of electric vehicle infrastructure and the need for robust charging networks.

The record-breaking number of exhibitors, attendees, and conference participants showcased the event's global impact and the collective efforts toward a sustainable future powered by renewable energy.

The trends observed, along with the introduction of new ideas and advancements, have set the stage for continued growth and innovation within the solar industry.


About Identimark

Identimark supplies the power, gas and renewables industry with the world's most innovative, long-term and cost-effective solutions for signage, identification, labelling and on-site safety supplies. Our products are designed to meet the needs of large scale infrastructure projects in the energy sector.




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