We understand that you need to do your due diligence.

Ensuring you have the right signage for your project or job can be critical and the importance of getting it right cannot be over-stated.

Each supplier has it’s own pros and cons.

They might use different materials.

The terms & conditions of their warranties may differ.

You may even find different levels of compliancy.


Here are the eight most important questions you need to ask when getting quotes for your signage:


Question 1.

What materials are the signs made of?


Question 2.

Do they adhere to and understand compliancy in line with the AS/NZS 1319:1994 standards?


Question 3.

Are the signs:

  • Fade Free – keep your message clear and compliant 
  • Anti-Graffiti – graffiti removes easily, zero maintenance
  • Marine Grade – corrosion resistant for even the harshest environments
  • Fire Retardant – reducing vandalism opportunities
  • Anti-Glare – easily readable in all lighting conditions


Question 4.

Do the signs come with a lifetime guarantee*?


Question 5.

Does the lifetime of your sign include the readability or just the material?


Question 6.

Have the signs been tested in a globally registered UV testing site?


Question 7.

Do they come with a manufacturer’s guarantee?


Question 8.

Do they come with individual material guarantees including for the adhesive that cover the life of the actual sign?


Identimark’s U3 sign’s unique UV proof resin polymer material makes it the gold standard of signage material in the industry. Designed to prevent your safety messages from fading or breaking – for life. U3 delivers an ongoing, consistent sign that can be installed anywhere. This patented signage is tested to provide over 32 years’ service, achieving significant longevity and maintenance value.

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