Social Responsibility.

Taking care of our environment and the communities in which we operate.

Empowering Communities Through Sustainable Development

Building Stronger Communities

At Identimark, we strongly believe in the power of education to build strong and thriving communities. Unfortunately, many children around the world are still struggling to access basic necessities like power, water, and education. That's why we're committed to leveraging our expertise in the energy sector to provide renewable energy and fresh running water to those in need.

Through these efforts, we're not only improving the quality of life for children and their families, but also creating opportunities for them to access education and unlock their full potential. We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance at success, which is why we're proud to contribute to this cause through our social responsibility initiatives.

Through Education and Empowerment

Powering Education Forward

We recognise that quality education is also essential to the sustainable development of the energy sector. Engineers, linesmen, project managers, and other skilled professionals are critical to the growth and success of global energy industries. That's why we're not only providing renewable energy and fresh running water to those in need but also investing in educational initiatives that help create a pipeline of talent for the industry.

Our social responsibility efforts aim to ensure that all children have access to quality education, regardless of their background or circumstances. By doing so, we're not only supporting the development of the energy sector but also empowering individuals and communities to create a brighter future for themselves.

The Kaundu Primary School Project

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The School

600+ students from grades 1-9 with 6 teachers


No access to water


No electricity - unable to charge the school's 4 laptops

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2 classrooms - yet to be completed

Identimark's Plan:

Stage One (completed): Install a water pump to provide easy access to clean water


  • Stage Two (completed): Fund a solar and battery setup to power lighting and charge laptops

Join us on this journey to advance these children's education. Follow our progress as we work to make a difference in their lives.