Solar Farm

Queensland 2021

The Story Behind The Project

Project Overview

Owner: LightsourceBP


Contractor: Stralis

Construction began on a 214MW solar farm in Lower Wonga, Queensland in June 2021.

The project, named Woolooga solar farm, is made up of three sites: Woolooga 1 and Woolooga 2 Site B (referred to together as Woolooga North), and Woolooga 2 Site A (known as Woolooga South).

The project will have a total export capacity of 176MW AC and will cover approximately 500 hectares of land primarily used for grazing. 

  • Our approach to packaging and labeling made it easier for contractors on site to find what they needed, saving time and minimising disruptions during the rollout process.
  • Our ability to deliver on time was a key factor in our ongoing partnership with Stralis and PCL, demonstrating our reliability as a supplier.
  • Our innovative backing tape solution for the U3 signage allowed us to offer a product with the same lifetime warranty as the signage itself, differentiating us from other suppliers and adding value for our clients
What Needed To Be Solved


The client was faced with the challenge of managing a large-scale rollout of signage and cable labeling within a short timeframe.

With 120,000 labels to verify and a tight lead time for delivery, it was critical for the client to find a supplier who could provide high-quality products on time and in a way that would facilitate a smooth rollout process.

In addition, the client needed a supplier who could offer specialised solutions for U3 signage, including arc flash signage, combiner box signage, and stainless steel cable labels.

Overall, these challenges required a supplier who could deliver reliable, innovative, and customised solutions to meet the client's specific needs.

The Solution

How We Helped

We were able to assist the client by offering a range of customised solutions that addressed their specific needs.

For instance, we took a unique approach to packaging and labeling that helped contractors on site find what they needed quickly and easily, minimising disruptions during the rollout process.

Additionally, our ability to deliver products on time and in the right quantities ensured that the project stayed on track and within budget.

We also differentiated ourselves from other suppliers by offering innovative solutions such as Natgum backing tape that matched the lifetime warranty of the U3 signage.

Through our close collaboration with the client and our commitment to quality and innovation, we were able to help them achieve their goals and complete the project successfully.

What we provided

Product Supplied

  • U3 Arc Flash signage

  • U3 Combiner Box Signage
  • Stainless Steel Cable Labels
  • Natgum

Used In This Project

U3 products are designed to be fade-free and UV resistant, which means they need less frequent replacements, reducing the overall lifetime cost of the signs.
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