Solar Farm

Queensland 2021

The Story Behind The Project

Project Overview

EPC: Sterling & Wilson

Contractor: GCO

The Columboola Solar Farm in Western Downs, Queensland spans across 410 hectares and will generate 440 GWh of renewable energy annually using 407,171 next-generation bifacial solar panels.

The 162MWAC or 202.5 MWDC utility scale generation project will provide energy to power 75,000 homes for 35 years.

The development will utilise both sides of the solar panels, reducing the development footprint compared to traditional technologies.

A 132 kV overhead transmission line will connect the farm to the existing Columboola Substation, supplying energy to the Queensland market.

  • Full supply scope of cable accessories and signage
  • Despite the challenges posed by global freight disruptions, the product was delivered punctually or even ahead of schedule.
  • Collaborated closely with their project milestones to synchronise our shipments and minimize freight expenses.
What Needed To Be Solved


Our team was able to provide valuable assistance to a client who faced a number of  challenges during their project.

These included delays caused by Covid-19 related freight issues which meant that certain products were unable to be delivered on time.

We worked closely with the client to identify an urgent solution which involved the dispatch of key items to enable them to progress with their project while awaiting the arrival of the remainder of their shipment.

Additionally, the project encountered weather-related delays which could have resulted in missed deadlines. However, we were able to leverage our expertise and resources to ensure that the project was delivered on time, meeting all of the client's requirements and expectations.

The Solution

How We Helped

Sterling Wilson has engaged our services for a total of five projects across Australia, including PAREP, Western Downs Solar Farm, Gangarri, and Wellington Solar Farm.

They have chosen to work with us repeatedly because of our quality products and reputation. While we may not be the cheapest option, our strong relationship and ability to deliver have earned us their trust.

This most recent project occurred immediately following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we were still able to deliver despite the global freight issues and other challenges. Sterling Wilson was impressed with our ability to work with their project milestones and build our shipments to align without incurring massive freight costs.

For previous projects, we had only supplied a few pieces, but our relationship and ability to deliver led them to choose us for more product.

We were responsible for the full supply scope of the cable accessories and signage project and were able to deliver the product on or before time, despite the global freight issues.

What we provided

Product Supplied

  • Danger High Pressure Signs
  • Unisign Posts and Brackets
  • U3 Structure Warning Signs
  • U3 Earth Bonded Signs
  • U3 Arc Flash Signs
  • Rotag Switchboard Labels
  • U3 Danger Risk of Battery explosion labels
  • U3 Electrolyte Burns Signs
  • Bimetal Lugs
  • C Crimps
  • Crimp Dies
  • Cable Gland
  • Nickle Plated Lock Nuts
  • Screw Cap
  • Polyolefin Heat Shrink
  • Insulation Tape

Used In This Project

U3 products are designed to be fade-free and UV resistant, which means they need less frequent replacements, reducing the overall lifetime cost of the signs.
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