Rye Park
Wind Farm

New South Wales 2022

The Story Behind The Project

Project Overview

EPC: All Energy

Contractor: Zenviron

The Rye Park Wind Farm is situated on the outskirts of the Southern Tablelands and the South-West Slopes, near the town of Rye Park, in New South Wales.

It lies to the north of Yass and east of Boorowa, spanning across the Hilltops, Upper Lachlan, and Yass Valley local government areas. The wind farm is predominantly located on stock farming land and is situated approximately 11 kilometers north-east of Yass.

  • Initially client was referred by another client and have since established a long-standing business relationship
  • The EPC team is known for their agility and decisiveness, making them an excellent partner to collaborate with
  • The manufactured hard cover underwent thorough testing and accreditation in Australia
What Needed To Be Solved


The client approached us with several challenges related to their previous suppliers, including lead times,  customer service, and supply chain issues.

They had been experiencing delays in acquiring the products they needed from their previous suppliers, which led to them struggling to meet delivery deadlines.

The Solution

How We Helped

Our team was able to make a significant impact on the client's business by prioritising reliable and efficient customer service.

By establishing a productive working relationship after being referred to us, we were able to collaborate with the client on every project since.

Our focus on delivering products in a timely manner allowed the client to improve their supply chain and meet delivery deadlines with ease.

Our commitment to efficient service delivery also enabled us to build a strong foundation of trust and reliability with the client, leading to a long-lasting business relationship.

Ultimately, our ability to provide the client with the products they needed in a timely manner proved crucial in improving their overall project success.

What we provided

Product Supplied

  • U3 Transmission ID Plates
  • Cable Hard Cover
  • Cable Soft Cover
  • Insulation Tape

Used In This Project

U3 products are designed to be fade-free and UV resistant, which means they need less frequent replacements, reducing the overall lifetime cost of the signs.
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