Danger Signage for the Power Industry

Stay safe with Identimark's Danger Signs, the preferred choice of the power industry, and home to U3, the world's longest-lasting signage.

AS1319 compliant, our signs are vital for alerting workers to life-threatening hazards on assets such as towers, poles, substations, transmission lines, fences, and transformers.

With U3, our signs can last up to 40 years, making them a cost-effective and reliable investment for your business.

Protect your team and your assets with Danger Signs today.


Durable and tough, built to last.

No Maintenance
Zero Maintenance

Set it and forget it, with no maintenance required.

Long Lasting
Long Lasting

Built to endure, providing reliable performance.

Quick to Install
Quick to Install

Save time and money with easy and fast installation process.

Fade Free
Fade Free

A long-lasting solution that maintains its quality and appearance.

Benefits and Specs of Danger Signage

  • Ensures safety: Danger Signs are designed to alert workers to life-threatening hazards, ensuring that they can take appropriate measures to protect themselves and others.

  • Compliance with NZ/AS1319: Danger Signs are compliant with the standard, which provides guidelines on the use of safety signs in the workplace, making them a trusted choice for safety communication.

  • Versatile usage: Danger Signs are used on a variety of assets in the power industry, including towers, poles, substations, transmission lines, fences, and transformers, making them an essential safety tool in this sector.

  • Long-lasting: With U3 technology, Danger Signs can last up to 40 years, making them a cost-effective and reliable investment for businesses.

  • Effective communication: Danger Signs use a universal symbol and a clear message to communicate life-threatening hazards effectively, ensuring that workers can quickly understand and respond to the danger presented.

  • Standard and custom sizes available
  • Choose from 3 high quality materials

U3-logo-600x426 1       UNISIGN-Logo-1 1


Material Type




Life Expectancy

40+ years

8 - 10 years

3 - 8 years

Impact Strength




Heat Performance

Exceptional - no change



Nothing But Quality

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