Line Health & Analysis


Enhance the performance and reliability of your overhead power lines with Identimark's Sentrisense cutting-edge solution.

This Early Fault Detection (EFD) system identifies faults proactively, saving time and reducing maintenance costs.

Benefit from Quick Incident Detection (QID) to immediately address issues and ensure an uninterrupted power flow.

Maximise your grid's efficiency with our Dynamic Line Rating (DLR), optimizing energy transmission and facilitating seamless integration of renewable energy.

On-site sensing offers real-time data, empowering you to make critical decisions for optimised operations. Real-time alerts keep you informed, while behavioral analysis provides valuable insights tailored to your business needs. Plus, our API integration ensures seamless interconnectivity.

Unlock the full potential of your power lines with Sentrisense.

Benefits and Specs of Sentrisense

  • Proactive Monitoring: Minimise downtime and reduce maintenance costs by detecting faults and incidents early.

  • Optimised Efficiency: Maximise transmission capacity and integrate renewable energy seamlessly for a more sustainable grid.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Make informed choices for better operations and performance with real-time data and insights.

The product consists of a swarm of sensors which are installed in the power line.

These sensors monitor the line's position.

As soon as a variation is detected, the event is notified to the main operation office, allowing it to detect a problem 90% faster than current solutions in the market or standard procedures.

Suitable for any kind of power lines in harsh and remote environments, Sentrisense can be fine tuned to fit line natural movement, remotely through internet after the installation.

How does the Sentrisense work?
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