Bird Divertors - The Firefly

Protect birds and power lines with The FireFly, a highly effective solution that prevents bird collisions and roosting.

The FireFly uses both reflective and UV absorption properties to create a visual deterrent for birds, who can see in the ultraviolet spectrum of sunlight.

The product rotates in the wind both day and night, ensuring that approaching birds are alerted to obstructions in their flight path.

The FireFly works within a 10-metre radius of the installed product, keeping birds away from power

lines and preventing damage to equipment. With its SnapFast clamp, the product can be easily installed on power lines, conductors, cables, and wires.

The durable, high-impact plastic plate ensures that The FireFly will withstand harsh weather conditions and continue to function effectively for years to come.

marine Grade

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Long Lasting

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Benefits and Specs of Bird Divertor Products for Power Lines

  • Protecting wildlife: Bird divertors prevent bird collisions with power lines, reducing bird mortality and helping to protect avian wildlife populations.

  • Improving power reliability: By reducing bird collisions and power outages caused by bird-related incidents, bird divertors help improve the reliability of the power grid.

  • Minimising maintenance costs: Bird droppings and other debris from bird collisions can damage power lines and equipment, leading to costly repairs and maintenance. Bird divertors help prevent this damage, reducing maintenance costs.

  • Promoting environmental stewardship: Using bird divertors demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible business practices, which can enhance a company's reputation and support sustainability goals.

  • Compliance with regulations: Many countries have regulations in place to protect birds and wildlife from power line collisions. Using bird divertors helps power companies comply with these regulations and avoid potential legal liabilities.

  • Complete with SnapFast clamp for power lines/conductors/cables/wires.


110 mm x 340 mm x 110 mm

Clamp Size Options:

6-16mm & 10-70mm

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