Eyre Peninsula
Transmission Line

South Australia

The Story Behind The Project

Project Overview

Owner: Electranet

EPC: Downer Utilities

ElectraNet has completed a new high-voltage power line and upgraded five electricity substations to ensure a secure and reliable electricity supply for the next 50 years in the Eyre Peninsula.

The Eyre Peninsula Link involved the construction of a new double-circuit 132 kV transmission line from Cultana to Port Lincoln, with the ability to upgrade the Cultana to Yadnarie section to 275 kV in the future.

The new line provides increased capacity to connect more users to the electricity network, enabling new renewable energy projects to connect in the future.

  • Provided all identification and safety signage
  • Preferred supplier status: We have a 15-year relationship with Electranet
  • Smaller quantity packaging of variable data signs made it easier for workers on the ground to manage and install.
  • Provided over 5,000 signs for this project with a short turn-around
What Needed To Be Solved


The Eyre Peninsula transmission project faced several challenges that needed to be overcome for its successful completion.

The project was built in two stages, and there were very tight timeframes for meeting important milestones.

The remote location of the site, which was a long way to travel, also posed logistical challenges.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the project.

Finally, towards the end of the project, there was a need to turn around signage within a very short time frame, which added to the overall complexity of the project.

The Solution We Provided

How We Helped

Identimark helped ElectraNet to successfully complete the Eyre Peninsula transmission project by supplying and packing aerial ID plates with variable data, danger high voltage signs, and tower identification plates.

Despite facing challenges such as tight timeframes and the remote location of the project, Identimark managed to deliver high-quality products that complied with owner's specifications.

The use of variable data and smaller quantities made it easier for workers on the ground to manage and install the signs.

Identimark's partnership with ElectraNet and their position as a preferred supplier for all transmission signage and assets further cemented their position as a reliable and trusted partner.

What We Provided

Products Supplied

  • Aerial ID plates with variable data
  • Danger high voltage signs
  • Tower identification plates

Used In This Project

U3 products are designed to be fade-free and UV resistant, which means they need less frequent replacements, reducing the overall lifetime cost of the signs.
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