BHP Yarnima
Transmission Line

Western Australia

The Story Behind The Project

Project Overview

Owner: BHP

EPC: Downer Utilities

The BHP Yarnima transmission line project involved providing the tower and identification signage for the transmission line supplying electricity to the Roy Hill Mine in Newman, Western Australia.

The transmission line was connected to the Newman Power Station, which is a natural gas-fired power station owned by Alinta Energy and servicing BHP Billiton's islanded grid.

  • Our team executed a quick turnaround to ensure the project stayed on track and met the client's needs.
  • The client's internal referral to our company reflects their trust in our capabilities and confidence in our ability to deliver according to their exact specifications.
  • Despite the project's remote location, our team navigated the additional complexities with expertise and skill.
What Needed To Be Solved


The project presented several challenges that our team successfully navigated.

Firstly, the project's remote location posed logistical challenges that required careful planning and coordination to overcome.

Additionally, the need for a quick turnaround meant that our team had to be highly efficient and effective in their execution to ensure the project stayed on track.

Finally, the client's high level of trust in our capabilities meant that our team was under significant pressure to deliver to their exact specifications, adding an additional layer of complexity to the project.

Despite these challenges, our team's expertise and skill enabled them to overcome each obstacle and deliver a successful outcome.

The Solution We Provided

How We Helped

Identimark helped Downer to successfully complete the BHP Yarnima transmission line project by supplying and packing aerial identification plates with variable data, danger high voltage signs, and property identification plates.

Despite facing challenges such as tight timeframes and the remote location of the project, Identimark managed to deliver high-quality products that complied with the project's specifications.

The use of variable data and smaller quantities made it easier for workers on the ground to manage and install the signs.

With a dedication to meeting the client's needs and leveraging their expertise to navigate even the most complex challenges, Identimark was able to deliver a successful outcome for the BHP Yarnima transmission line project.

What We Provided

Products Supplied

  • Aerial ID plates with variable data
  • Danger high voltage signs
  • Tower identification plates

Used In This Project

U3 products are designed to be fade-free and UV resistant, which means they need less frequent replacements, reducing the overall lifetime cost of the signs.
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