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Because every life is precious, Unisign products cater for everything from road cones and danger tapes, test & lock out tagging systems, and sign fasteners.

The Unisign range is fully compliant with the AS/NZ 1319-1994 standard.

General signage, labels and tags come in a range of tried and true materials for resilience and flexibility. These include; corflute, metal, Tefalite self-adhesive vinyl, and composite materials.

Short turn-around times and the ability to process urgent orders make Unisign the go-to choice in times of emergency, or whenever lives are on the line.

Unisign identimark solutions Built Tough. Attached For Life.
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Unisign anti-graffiti wipes

Our anti-graffiti wipes are the perfect solution to graffiti. The convenient canister makes it perfect to carry in your vehicle for when you need it.

  • Cloth wipe to remove tagging or graffiti
  • Designed to remove all forms of graffiti, paints, permanent markers, pens etc
  • Won't damage our signs
  • Quick and simple solution – no need to carry extra chemicals
  • 160 wipes per canister

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Try to Tear a Tefalite!

These labels are made from high-quality 10 year vinyl and industrial adhesive, and come with an extra UV uni-polymer screen that provides a UV block and creates further abrasion resistance for the label. This vinyl can be permanently mounted onto a marine grade aluminum or UV stable PVC creating a rigid lasting label.

Fasteners and adhesives

A sign is only as good as what keeps it in place and visible – fortunately, we have that covered too. Click here to learn more >


Unisign Posts

Unisign posts are made from high-quality steel sourced from the best of mills around the world, which is then hot dip galvanized to the AS-4680 standard.

Further coating, when needed, is applied after the posts have been acid dipped for maximum stick-ability.

We use only the highest grade, polyester resin powder-coating compound, which is then baked on in atmosphere-controlled ovens.

All fasteners supplied with any signs are carefully selected and tested to suit the application. Our range of marine grade stainless and bi-metal fasteners have been proven to last in the most testing conditions. 


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