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When it has to last.

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The U3 signage range is the gold standard in the industry. Its non-fading, lifetime replacement guarantee is based on our unique UV proof, resin polymer frontier. Not only that, but it has a break resistance up to 22 times that of a conventional polypropylene sign.

U3 is marine-grade due to its materials, composition, and a corrosion-resistant aluminum backer. It offers superior UV protection, is treated to prevent glare, and is fire resistant. Even in the most extreme conditions it does not warp or crack, and suffers little or no corrosion.

It is also largely maintenance free. Any graffiti can be removed quickly and effortlessly.

U3 has the option of aesthetically-pleasing radius corners and is batched numbered for ease of management. It can be made any shape and size to fit your needs.

Over all, U3 delivers an ongoing, consistent sign that can go anywhere and last decades. It’s tested to provide 32 years’ service, achieving significant replacement and maintenance savings.

Weather testing – into the future. U3 signage is undergoing some of the harshest UV radiation exposure on earth at an independent international testing site 

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