Unison – live wires signs

Project Location: Unison distribution area through-out Hawkes Bay, Rotorua, and Taupo.

Project Brief: Design, trial, manufacture and supply live wires signs with logo.

Product: U3

Project Description

Unison was looking for a way of addressing and, more importantly, avoiding the fading issue on their old live wires signs. They also wanted to ensure they met the international standards (as well as the AS/NZS) due to the large number of international seasonal workers in the Hawkes Bay region. The goal was to help ensure this potentially life-threatening hazard is clearly marked and obvious to everyone. After trials of multiple materials by both Identimark and Unison, we came up with the final design and attachment method, using U3. Lives saved.

u3 icon
2 Identimark Unison Signage thumb

U3 - Live Wires Sign

Photo 1 unison

U3 Sign to AS/NZS1319