Transpower – Tower ID Signage

Project Location: Transpower transmission towers and poles around NZ

Project Brief: Design, trial, manufacture and supply U3 signage for transmission towers and poles

Product: U3

Project Description

After discussions with Transpower we learned that most of their tower signs were having to be replaced within the 7 years specified in their standards. That was costing Transpower a significant amount in contractors’ fees, new signage, installation, administration, and time needed to carry out these replacements.

In response to their brief, Identimark developed an entire range of signage made from our U3 fade-free material which has a legibility guarantee of over 30 years. This has significantly reduced their signage lifetime costs, maintenance costs and time on their transmission towers and poles.

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Transpower Tower Signage Benmore 15

Transpower NZ LSD Sign

Transpower Tower Signage Benmore 26

Transpower CPI Signs

Transpower Tower Signs Twizel 10

Transpower Towers