Transpower – substation signage

Project Location: Transpower substations around New Zealand

Project Brief: Design, trial, manufacture and supply U3 signage for substation public safety and warning

Product: U3

Project Description

After discussions with Opus (facilities maintenance contractor to Transpower) we found their pain point was replacement of signs on substation fences due to fading after a few years. Focuses were: warning of entry to this risk area, branding, and emergency area assembly area. Again, Identimark delivered U3 signage to extend the life of the signs beyond 30 years, saving in auditors’ time, adminstration time and contractors’ time replacing these.

u3 icon
Identimark Signage Transpower1

U3 - Danger Sign

Hazchem Signage Benmore Identimark 1

U3 - Benmore Substation

Transpower Substation4 Identimark Solutions Signage square

U3 - Access Gate Signage

Transpower Substation5 Identimark Solutions Signage square

U3 - Fence Mounted Signage

Transpower Substation6 Identimark Solutions Signage square

U3 - Twizel Substation

Transpower Substation3 Identimark Solutions Signage square

U3 - Main Gate Sign