Anti-graffiti signage and wipes

Project Location: Waipa Networks line supply company, Waikato, New Zealand

Project Brief: Supply anti-graffiti signage, and graffiti removal solution

Product: Anti-graffiti wipes

Project Description

Power transformers are a target for graffiti artists and other vandals. Waipa Networks’ assets, in a naturally beautiful and scenic area of the country, are no exception to this and they have been “tagged” on numerous occasions. In response to Waipa Network’s request for an answer, Identimark supplied danger signage that is impervious to graffiti and, if they do get graffitied, it can easily be wiped away using the Unisign, anti-graffiti wipes.

unisign icon
Waipa Transformer Graffiti Before


Waipa Transformer graffiti removed

Graffiti removed