Tower Danger signage

Replacing faded signs is a large cost to your company

After discussions with our client, we learned that most of their tower signs were having to be replaced within the 7 years specified in their standards. Safety is also front of mind for us and our clients, warning people of the dangers on a tower is very critical and cannot risk the fact of fade signs, both for company reputation and consequences should an accident occur.
This was costing this company a significant amount of money in contractors’ fees, new signage, installation, administration and then time required to carry out these replacements.

Fade-free sign not only saves you time and money but keeps you compliant for years

Identimark developed an entire range of signage made from U3 fade-fee material which has a lifetime of 32years plus. This has significantly reduced their overall signage costs, maintenance costs and time spent on their transmission towers and poles.

These signs meet with all regulations and have built a stronger brand for the client having their Towers with a clear danger/warning message readable for 32years plus. The fade-free option brings about peace of mind for the client, knowing they have the correct signage in place should an accident happen – Lives are saved.

How we helped

• We listen – took into account reducing the costs for the client
• Used long lasting material – saves clients time and money with having zero maintenance
• Discussed installation and attachment – Save client installation time
• Packaged the items in a way to make installation easy for the client

Products used in this project

U3 products are designed to be fade-free and UV resistant, which means they need less frequent replacements, reducing the overall lifetime cost of the signs.



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