Substation fence signage

Substation signage is critical for keeping the public safe

The Networks contractor’s main pain point was replacement of signs on substation fences due to fading after a few years. Focuses for them were: warning of entry to a high risk area, branding and emergency assembly area, which is important for keeping their teams and the public safe.
Identimark delivered U3 signage to extend the life of the signs beyond 30 years, saving in auditors’ time, administration time and contractors’ time replacing signs and the risk of anyone being harmed due to warning messages not being visible.

How we helped

• We listened – took into account company requirements for design and ease of installation
• Used long lasting material – saves clients time and money with having zero maintenance
• Discussed installation and attachment – Save client installation time
• Produce the labels and supplied within the deadline of the client.

Products used in this project

U3 products are designed to be fade-free and UV resistant, which means they need less frequent replacements, reducing the overall lifetime cost of the signs.



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