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An unmarked gas line can be fatal

Gas pipeline is crucial that it is well marked not only for saving lives of the public and contractors but also very important for keeping our clients pipeline safe and not damaging the supply.
Our clients required a double sided signs, that was long lasting and easy to install using minimal time for their busy teams.

Fade-free gas pipeline sign is the answer to reducing on-going replacement costs and hassle

U3 was the decided on solution for the long lasting sign, resulting in cost saving for our client not having ongoing replacement and maintenance costs. This resulted in a number of trials with our client to ensure this was fit for purpose. The results were impressive, especially with the fact of it being supplied as a double sided sign made to fit current post.
There they will stay looking as they are now for at least 32years, saving people from the dangers of a Gas pipeline.

How we helped

• We listened to the client’s concerns: fading signs due to UV damage and graffiti
• We tested different material to ensure our recommendations addressed the client’s UV concerns
• We discussed installation and attachment to understand the client’s requirements
• Our products meet industry , and international standards

Products used in this project

U3 products are designed to be fade-free and UV resistant, which means they need less frequent replacements, reducing the overall lifetime cost of the signs.


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