Person on Line Pole Wraps

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Warning people regarding dangers of works on power poles

The public, linesman and contractors need to be alerted that the power pole or line is currently being worked on and the danger of being near this pole.
When lives are at risk, making hazards visible is vital.

Compact high visibility solution

Pole wraps were the perfect solution, for alerting people to this hazard with highvis colours and bold text, which makes the message easy to read. Our design ensured these wraps could be used on any size pole.
These pole wraps are quick and easy to put in place and take up very little room in your vehicle.

How we helped

• We Listened – Clients were wanting a more noticeable way to identify when their team were working on the lines.
• Included company logo on the wrap – gave company recognition for the job they are doing
• Recommended heavy duty material – making them from a heavy duty UV rated canvas, these pole wraps take the wear and tear needed when being outdoors and moved on and off the poles on a daily basis
• We made them adjustable – attaching them to the poles has never be easier with the option of Velcro or eyelets, which give you the flexibility of attaching them at any height or pole size

Product used in this project

Unisign is a range of signage and accessories that covers anything from Anti-graffiti wipes to posts and brackets.



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