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Gas warning markers need to ‘stay’ on the kerb

Clients of Identimarks were needing kerb markers, warning people of Gas pipelines beneath the surface and to call before you dig.

These kerb markers need to be robust, and adhered firmly to the kerb and take the wear and tear of foot traffic, bikes and vehicles.

Identimark looked into the different options and U3 material for these kerb markers was the best option with a bevelled edge that is designed so that they can’t be flicked or wrenched off the surfaced. U3 signs are robust and take the wear and tear of being ridden over and U3 being fade free means you can rely on the message and branding to stay there for years.
Fixed to the kerb with SMP60 Adhesive, means they are stuck fast for ever and with a quick bonding time, means no time in lost when installing them.

How we helped

  • We Listen – there to help the client
  • Produce the signs and supplied within the deadline of the client.
  • Packaged and delivered as the client wanted.

Products used in this project

U3 products are designed to be fade-free and UV resistant, which means they need less frequent replacements, reducing the overall lifetime cost of the signs.


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