Hill to Hill Transmission Line

South Australia

Transmission Line Signage

ElectraNet’s hill to hill transmission line project involved building a large transmission line from Port Augusta to Roxby Downs in South Australia providing Prominent Hill mine with direct access to the main electricity grid. The project involved 1128 structures spanning over 270kms.


The story behind the challenge

Identimark was approached by ElectraNet’s contractor to provide all identification and safety signage for all 1128 structures. This involved a high volume of variable data
signage and packaging challenges to ensure a smooth installation. Identimark provided over 5,000 signs for this project including identification signage and danger signs for
each tower.


What challenges needed to be solved

Having signs that would withstand the harsh Australian UV and weather conditions was crucial for this project. As the project spanned over 270km the cost of sign replacement is high due to the remote location and expansive area the transmission line covers. The next challenge was ensuring a smooth installation process for the installation teams. As the project spanned across such a large area, the accuracy of variable data and the order it was packed in was a high priority. To ensure the project was completed on time the sigs for all 1128 structures had to be installed. Identimark produced and delivered all items to the site for installation on time to avoid commissioning delays which would incur penalties for the contractor.



How Identimark helped

Using U3 signs on this project were specified which meant that all signage would last and withstand the harsh conditions without fading or breaking, for life. With a high volume of variable data Identimark labelled and packed each sign set so all items were in the correct order and that all cartons were numbered so the installation team could easily find the items required.

Products used in this project

U3 products are designed to be fade-free and UV resistant, which means they need less frequent replacements, reducing the overall lifetime cost of the signs.

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