Gas Signage Adhesives & Fasteners

When we are talking attachments, it must be permanent.

The risk of signs falling down is too high with faulty attachments and installation can be time consuming and frustrating for our clients. Our clients need the signs stuck once and stuck for life. Identimark took this on board and have provided the ultimate adhesives and fasteners for our clients in the Gas Market attaching signs.

If you need the sign or label screwed onto the object, softlok range is your answer, however if you are needing to use adhesive got SMP60 for any rough surface or Nat-gum for smoother surface.

When you require your sign to be secure from theft the Soflok security range is the one to use. Go for long last and quality product in view of keeping your company brand for years into the future.

How we helped

• We listen – took into account clients issues
• Provided a quick solution – focused and designed on products that were saving clients time
• Long Lasting – supplied fasteners and adhesives

Soflok Fasteners

Softlok is a specialist stainless steel bolt with a moulded rubber grommet that fits below the bolt head to reduce the risk of over-tightening or damage to the sign over its long life. Softlok is a premium, reliable bolt range that comes in a wide range of shaft lengths and gauges.


Nat-gum is a high-end, self-adhesive bonding tool for specialist individual applications. When other alternatives don’t work, Nat-gum is generally the answer. This tape has been developed alongside many of our permanent fixing applications, and is available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. Nat-gum has an internal carrier which ensures the adhesion doesn’t shift from the fixing point.


Sabre Bond SMP60 is a high-stress structural bonding, neutral adhesive / sealant. Flexible class A (+/-50%) joint movement. Ideal for installation of signage when mechanical fasteners can’t be used. Widely used in the transport, utilities industry and building construction.

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Long-lasting signs lead to long-lasting relationships. Identimark has created safety success for clients in the power industry across Australia and New Zealand. Check out our recent projects to see how we have helped our clients to create safe environments.

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