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A long lasting message keeping people safe from the dangers of Gas pipeline

Our client needed to warn all people of the Gas Pipeline and the dangers that go with it. The frustration they had with their current product was they were having to replace these frequently and costing them a lot in replacement costs including product, labour. This signs have to be readable at all time, the consequences are great if they are not.

Tefalite Labels were the solution for our client, with the label having a UV protective coating which guarantees they will last 8-10years and with the permanent adhesive means they adhere to the surface of the current sign well and quick and easy to install.

Now our client could safety be assured their message was there for 8years plus with out checking on it and what it more important people are warned of these dangers.

How we helped

• We Listen to the clients key concerns
• We Designed the signs – With our experience, client knew this would meet the standards required, customising them with company logos, company details, included industry-specific safety messages; e.g. Dial before you dig
• Ensured the product was durable – Saving time and money on maintenance and replacement costs
• Packaged and delivered as the client wanted.

Products used in this project

Tefalite products are made for outdoors, have a UV protective coating which makes them a cost effective option for all weathers


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