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Power Identification Plates

All power poles need an identification number for the power company to quickly identify the pole whether it be for maintenance purposes, fault/outage or an accident – sometimes can be fatal. They need to know location, what the pole consists of and who it will effect.

Every Power company we work with has varied needs and systems, Identimark work with the team members involved to come up with the best outcome for the client. We use barcodes or QR codes that integrate with systems making it quick and easy for the teams working on these poles and especially QR codes storing the information fast access to everything they need to know.

We only produce the long-lasting products, lasting the life time of these poles and assets.

How we helped

• We Listen to the clients key concerns
• We designed and recommend the product that best suits the companies requirements.
• Ensured the product was durable – Saving time and money on maintenance and replacement costs

Products used in this project

Rotag – tough identification labelling, covering everything from pole numbers to QR code tags

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Long-lasting signs lead to long-lasting relationships. Identimark has created safety success for clients in the power industry across Australia and New Zealand. Check out our recent projects to see how we have helped our clients to create safe environments.

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