Compliant signage and accessories

Compliant Signage and accessories

Unisign products cater for everything from road cones and danger tapes, test & lock out tagging systems, and sign fasteners. We care about the correct signage and messages in the correct situation, because every life is precious.

  • General signage, labels and tags
  • Marine Grade – corrosion-resistant for even the harshest environments
  • Anti-Glare – easily readable in all lighting conditions
  • Outdoor Grade – Unisign products are made to be last the weather outdoors
  • Quick to install – we design our signs and have available fasteners to cut down on installation time for you.

The Unisign range is fully compliant with the AS/NZ 1319-1994 standard.

Long Lasting
Marine Grade
Outdoor Grade

Unisign keeping public areas safe

Meridian  needed to re-brand their public information signage for the Te-Apiti Wind Farm. They approached Identimark for a design and supply recommendation.

After taking into account the wind and weather the site is exposed to, Identimark supplied Unisign marine grade signage, including bracketry and posts.

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