Permanent cable fastening

Attach once, attached for life

Attaching PV cables to the back of solar panels quickly and securely is essential for all utility scale solar projects.
You can not risk having non-compatible products that do not last or are not fit for the job that costs your company in time and money. Identimark has designed, developed and tested our PV cable clips to ensure these hold the cable harness firmly without causing any insulation damage through ongoing wear and tear. These easy-to-install clips come in four designs to suit all types of solar panels, PV cables and array layouts.

You can be guaranteed these are:

1 – Easy to install.
2 – Don’t damage cables.
3 – Corrosion resistant stainless steel.
4 – Versatile design.


Eclipz Stainless Steel PV Cable Clips

Item costs and labour costs are two very watch things when it comes to installing thousands and thousands of cable clips on a project such as solar farms.

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