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There are many different ways of attaching signs and labelling and many different surfaces. Here at Identimark we are passionate about suggesting the fastener or adhesive that best suits your project. These products are specialist products that make installation quick and attach the product to the surface for life. You can be assured you signs will stay fixed for ever, delivering the messages that saves lives!

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SMP60 Sabre Bond

Sabre Bond SMP60 is a high-stress structural bonding, neutral adhesive / sealant. Flexible class A (+/-50%) joint movement. Ideal for installation of signage when mechanical fasteners can’t be used. Widely used in the transport, utilities industry and building construction.


Nat-gum is a high-end, self-adhesive bonding tool for specialist individual applications. When other alternatives don’t work, Nat-gum is generally the answer. This tape has been developed alongside many of our permanent fixing applications, and is available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. Nat-gum has an internal carrier which ensures the adhesion doesn’t shift from the fixing point.


Quiklok is our premium marine grade stainless steel, tool-less zip tie. The stainless steel strap simply feeds around the pre-drilled holes of the sign or label, and back through its own built-in tightening and locking device. Once tied, the Quiklok is locked permanently. Quiklok comes in a wide range of lengths and two main strength ratings – 40kg and 80kg.


Softlok is a specialist stainless steel bolt with a moulded rubber grommet that fits below the bolt head to reduce the risk of over-tightening or damage to the sign over its long life. Softlok is a premium, reliable bolt range that comes in a wide range of shaft lengths and gauges.


Butyl-Z is a specialist non-hydroscopic, tar-like, self-adhesive that performs well in complex outdoor environment settings. Used for permanent labeling including manhole covers on our country’s main roads and rain network, Butyl-Z is a proven choice.

Natgum backing tape on solar farm ID labels

To make the labels easy and quick to install permanently, Nat-gum adhesive is your answer.
Nat-gum is a high-end, self adhesive bonding tool for specialist individual applications. Nat-gum has an internal carrier which ensures which ensures the adhesion doesn’t shift from the fixing point.
It’s as easy peel the back, stick in place and walk away. A great time saver when it comes to installation.

Quiklok Stainless Steel Band Strapping

Quiklock stainless steel band strapping is made from marine grade stainless steel for the most corrosive environments.

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