Safety signage for all power sites

Identimark products ensure that power sites are safe for staff, contractors and the public. Our life-long solutions ensure you meet regulatory and legal requirements, keeping you, your team, your contractors and the public safe on all power sites.

Identimark’s 25+ years’ experience in signage and labelling has kept millions of power assets safe, compliant and operational by providing;

  • Resilience – our signs and labels are designed to stand the test of time in order to effectively save lives, even in the harshest conditions
  • Safety – we know the industry, so our products meet all safety compliance requirements both locally and internationally
  • Ease – we work closely with you throughout the design process so that your customer experience is efficient and accurate
  • Value – our high-quality products are zero maintenance, providing you with the best long-term value


All power stations are complex operations with hazards present. Many power stations have public access.

Identimark have kept these teams, contractors and the public safe by providing;

  • Public safety signage for; Flumes, tailraces, canals, dams, generators, substations, fences, CCTV warning, authorised areas, camping areas
  • Site safety & ID signage for; Hazchem areas, arc flash areas, permit areas, machine halls, coms towers, PPE requirements, temporary hazards, work in progress areas


Transmitting high voltage electricity around a country is a dangerous job. Large equipment is required to do this safely and efficiently.

Identimark recognise this and have kept those that work and live near these assets safe by producing;

  • Public danger & warning signage for; Towers, poles, substation fences, electric fences, CCTV and asbestos.
  • Tower ID signage for; Aerial ID, circuit ID, feeder numbers, phasing sequence
  • Substation signage for; Capbank hazards, earthing, permit areas, transformers, feeder ID, switchgear, substation fences, PPE access, phasing, arc flash


Distribution networks exist in close proximity to areas where the public work, live and play every day. Identimark assists in the prevention of danger and damage to both the public and network owners’ lives and property by providing:

  • Public Danger & Warning signage for; Live wires, poles, service pillars, transformers, substation fences, underground cables, electric fences, kiosks, CCTV and asbestos.
  • ID and operational signage for; Transformers, substations, service pillars, RMU’s, earthing, permit areas, transformers, feeder ID, switchgear, substation fences, PPE access, phasing, arc flash, pole ID, pole safety wraps, work areas.

Recent Projects

Long-lasting signs lead to long-lasting relationships. Identimark has created safety success with ease for many clients in the power industry across Australia and New Zealand. Check out our recent projects to see for yourself how Identimark keeps power sites safe in the real world.

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Words from our clients

U3  |  Power

I have been collaborating with Daniel Beatson from Identimark for over 6 years on various new innovative substation and transmission line signage requirements. I have found everyone at Identimark to be responsive and effective in all their communications throughout this time.

Their assistance and creative ideas to help find solutions and clarify our design requirements was invaluable. Samples were supplied in quick time for testing, evaluation and seeking internal customer feedback. These innovative solutions provided whole of life savings and extended the life of key safety signage in the asset base.

David Caldwell from South Australia
U3  |  Power

Thank you for the excellent service you have been providing to date. Very easy to deal with!

Nathan from Broadspectrum
Unisign  |  Power

It’s always a pleasure doing business with Identimark and I speak from over 6 years of doing business with the company.  They are quick to answer my queries, and very professional in response.  I find their products and service to be of the highest quality, and they are easy to do business with. I thoroughly recommend Identimark to you.

Kim Slater from Underground & Public Lighting Construction Standards Officer
U3  |  Power

The customer service was fantastic and we hadn’t experienced this level of service with any other company.

Natasha from Trustpower
U3  |  Solar

I’ve been using Identimark for signage and cable markers for the last 5 or 6 years now, and found the service and quality to be exceptional. U3 signs are my personal favourite and clients love them- way more durable than traditional cut vinyl, and miles cheaper than stainless or baked enamel. Several times I’ve been caught short with urgent requirements and they’ve pulled rabbits out of the hat to get me over the line. A recommended supplier

Electrical Supervisor from Australia

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