The Kaundu School Project

At Identimark – we save lives.

Our focus is the energy sector, which without quality education there will be no engineers, linesmen, project managers etc, which are essential to the development of our countries energy industries. Every day many children are without the basics of power, water and education, and with our knowledge of the energy sector, we can directly affect lives by supplying renewable energy and fresh running water to those in need.

With the help of your support this year, we have chosen to assist a very remote school called Kaundu Primary School, a school of 400 students in Zambia, take a look at the images below.

The Kaundu Primary School as at 2021

  • No Access to water
  • 4 laptops but no electricity to charge them
  • 400+ students from grade 1-9
  • 6 teachers, 4 classrooms
  • 2 classrooms are unfinished since 2017 

How Identimark will help:

Stage one now completed:
The first stage of the project is installing a water pump at the school pictured above, so these children have easy access to clean water.

Stage Two:
Identimark will be funding a solar and battery set up so that the school can have electricity to power lighting and charge laptops.

Follow us on this journey to help advance these children’s education.

The Kaundu School Location

The Kaundu Primary school is in a very remote area of Zambia, 6 hours drive from the nearest city.