What you can do to ensure your product is delivered to site on time

Help us, to help you. Quick tips to ensure easy turn around for your quote:

What would you like on your sign?- We live and breathe the information supplied to us by our clients. To ensure we don’t make any mistakes please double (triple!) check the information you send to us – especially Variable Data!We want to make sure you get exactly what you need for your projects.

Are holes or adhesives required on your sign order? – Many of our clients may forget this important information. To help avoid delays, please ensure the drawing submitted to Identimark includes all the details.

Delivery Address – one of the biggest ways you can help us could also be considered the simplest. A Delivery address included in the email saves us time and you another email later on.

Delivery delays in your area? – Sometimes stuff happens. Things don’t always go to plan and deliveries are delayed, are you aware of delays in your area? Could we deliver somewhere else to ensure a smoother process for you?

Preferred Payments Option – many of our clients have accounts set up, so orders can be charged out, rather than paid upfront. Contact us for further information if you would like to discuss how this works.

Credit card payment – Some of our client base prefer to use credit card as a form of payment rather than set up an account, most of the time we request payment before sending the final product. To help us get the desired delivery time please ensure you are ready to pay at the time of purchase.

Call us we are here to help! – Although we are fast, email turn around time can be delayed. We have a phone number and a team ready to answer your calls. Could it be worth calling us for that update instead?