Danger signs are key 

These are globally recognised signs that warn you of a particular hazard or hazardous condition that is likely to be life threatening.

As per AS1319:1994 standard:

  • DANGER Signs are of a special design which incorporates the word Danger in white letters on red symbolic oval shape.
  • The signs shall comprise a white rectangle with black enclosure and white surround.
  • The legend within the white rectangle shall comprise a worded warning message in black letters.
  • Symbols are not to be used on DANGER signs.
  • If a symbolic sign is required in conjunction with a DANGER sign, it shall be a separate sign placed beside or below the DANGER sign.

There’s a lot of wrong and right signs out there today. But how will signs on your site go through the test of an audit or inspection if there was an accident.

Getting the right signs first up is key for you protecting the future of your company and also very easy vs the risk of consequences.

Ask us today if unsure.